Add creative investing strategies to your portfolio to dramatically increase your income!


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Oct 22, 2007

Creative investing strategies such as agreements for sale, lease options (aka rent to own), assignments, flips, and joint ventures have been essential in building my real estate portfolio. Without them, I think I'd still be floundering with only 5 or 6 properties. Instead, I've created an income stream that has helped to buy more long-term, regular rentals (the key to sustainable wealth).

I'm pleased to be a part of the Focus Team for Barry McGuire's upcoming Rapid Cash Program, where you can learn all of these strategies to add to your investment toolkit. The next event is in Edmonton on May 4th and 5th.

In addition, I'll be hosting an online course specifically discussing lease options as an exit strategy for a property you already own, and possibly offering some coaching/consulting as well.

If you are interested in creative strategies, these two courses could be game changers for you. And regardless of whether the Rapid Cash Program or the Rent to Own Exit Strategy course is a better fit for you - I'll see you there!

Check out this link for a free article outlining how agreements for sale, lease options, and other strategies can dramatically increase your income.