Alberta - Where is the opportunity ?


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Aug 30, 2007
“Their sales last year were apparently the lowest in two decades. The city has grown by hundreds of thousands of people but home ownership is down so much that they are hitting new record lows.” It is good new for people who have house , they can rent house for rent。 we are housing provider. Is it right?

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Oct 27, 2009


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Albertans are the most indebted in Canada

I agree with Jason Kenney that we should make it easier for Albertans to access more debt

It’s what Albertans want


Jason Kenney wants Alberta exemption on housing stress test
Jason Kenney is right on. The stress test was developed mainly with run away prices in GTA and Vancouver in mind. With interest rates pretty flat the stress test introduced about a year ago, called B20 by OSFI (Office of the Supervisor of Financial Institutions) to test abilities to pay mortgages is ill advised. Testing a borrower on a 5.2% mortgage if in fact she/he is paying only 3.2% for five years is ridiculous and esp hurts first time buyers, #GenY and immigrants. Testing on a 60% higher mortgage, thus reducing mortgage amounts by a whooping 20%, is plainly wrong. Let consumer decide how much to borrow. By law it is capped at 80% of property value already, unless insured.

Mortgage rates on the rise? Think again. Five year mortgage rates about to drop. Far lower now than a year ago. Why ? Canada's 5 year bond yield is now at or close to a TWO YEAR LOW following the US Federal Reserve removing its expectation of "further gradual increases" from today's statement:

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