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Aug 30, 2007
1. Handling entries for Single-family vs Multi-family PropertiesQuestion- In the Income section of the Analyzer it asks for the number of bedrooms and once entered it shows up as the number of suites - this is confusing.Answer- The # Suites and # bedrooms can be a bit confusing at first. We had to build this to handle both single family homes and multi-family properties. In the Income screen you first will describe either the Building if multi-family (as in `House`) or describe the Suite if single family (as in a `2-bedroom` suite). Then you will describe the # of bedrooms for single-family, or the # of Suites in multi-family.2. One-time versus repeating Expenses data entryQuestion- When in the Analyzer Property Expense Input screen, when I want to add a one time only expense, it shows up as a monthly expense. Will it be one-time or monthly?Answer- If you select the `One-time` box the expense will be record once only. The field reads `Monthly` but the expense item will only appear in the month you date it for. We`ll look at changing the label to read `One-Time` when in that mode. 3. More than one JV Partner?Question- In Analyzer, is there an opportunity to include more than 1 JV partner on the Property Data tab?Answer- Sure, you can just enter 2 or more names and the total aggregate percentage of their combined ownership as you envision it. At this stage Investors are often not sure what the final ownership may be. Then, if/when you purchase the Property you will then be required to enter the actual Ownership details within the transferred Property in your Portfolio. 4. When entering data into the financial areas unless you tab or click into the notes area, calculations will not be completed.
- When you enter any data into a field you should always tab out of the field - that way any calculations that are based on the fields content will happen.

In Analyzer
on the Financial
tab under Expenses
the boxes for Monthly Expense
, Annual Expense
and Projected Monthly
are all greyed out... so on the Summary
tab the Current
and Projected
expenses are always the same
- They all should be inaccessible to you as you are defining the calculation leading to the figures or are defining the figure directly above. These greyed out ones are the resulting numbers for you to view only.

When setting up a new Expense item If you check off % of Income
and complete the Enter %
field, then immediately click Save
it does not update anything .. it will only update if you click on another field before clicking Save.
- You have to `leave` the field you were in for the change to take effect. You will find REMA is designed this way throughout.

8. How do I enter a new City and Zoning code?

Answer- It is easiest to do this from the menus in Maintain Tables, but you can also do it from the Analyzer. Here are the steps:
1- Click on the New button beside the City field

2- Create the new City and attach it to the correct Province

3- Go back into the Property

4- Select the correct Province

5- Select the newly created City

6- Click the New button beside the Zoning Code field

7- Select the new City from the City Name drop-down menu

8- Create the new Zoning code

9- Go back into the Property

10- Select the Zoning Code for the new City