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Aug 30, 2007
1. I`ve tried to install the set-up but a message comes up that it won`t support my present system. It asks if it can update these but then nothing happens. I have Windows 2000. Will it work on this? Is there some other upgrade I need to do?Another version of the same question: I have tried unsuccessfully to install the software and have a dialogue box that tells me my software is out of date and asks me to reboot my system after it installed these new files.

-During the REMA install when asked to update your system files, say yes. The system then may want to re-boot. Say yes again. Then go back and again run the setup.exe that you unzipped from the REMA program download.
-To find out what service pack for Windows 2000 you are running click Start, then Control Panel, then System. It will display in the General tab what version you are running.
-Then go to the Window Update site and download the latest updates and Service Pack.

2. Do I need a license Key to run REMA?

-You do not need a license key during the free trial period through January 15, 2008. When you go into My Portfolio and are taken to the License screen, enter your name in `Licensed to`, your email address, select your Country, Province, and City and then click Save at the bottom of the screen.
-You should not see the license screen again unless you open it deliberately.

3. Downloading REMA program Updates - Go to the `Download Centre` page on the REMA website

-If you want to save your already entered data:
Go to `Download the Update
to the Trial Version of REMA Software here`, and then copy all the files contained in the zipped folder into your REMA folder in Program Files/REMA.

-If you do not want to save your data:
Go to `Download the Trial Full Program Version of REMA Software here`.