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First time renting basement

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RELover, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Hi All,

    It’s our first time renting our basement. We have a good prospective tenant who is a RMT.

    What type of due diligence is a must. We have job letters, will get credit report. Called his clinics to confirm he works there.

    Is there a Rein approved list of questions for references?
    Can we ask for a police clearance?

    What kind of clauses should we have in the rental agreement?

    Thank you.

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    As for your police check question:

    You can only request the information reasonably required to make a decision about whether or not to rent property to the applicant. Every piece of information collected must have a reasonable business use attached to it. A police check is not a reasonable requirement and thus can not be ask for. Here is a link to the privacy guidelines for BC it would be a good idea to read through it as it will answer a lot of you're questions / concerns
    I'm unsure if these guidelines vary greatly from province to province so if you're not in BC then you should look up the privacy guidelines in your province.
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