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FRAUD / SCAM warning

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bently2841, Aug 9, 2017.

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    I was recently contacted by a prospective tenant to rent out one of my properties. The exchange was typical of most inquiries, but I was suspicious when I received a rather long winded and personal reply with reassurances of his ability to pay (given that he was from Out-of-Country). I checked with the local branch and they confirmed the certified check was fraudulent.

    I am also concerned that the ‘real’ TENANT NAME has been a victim of identity theft given that I was provided a scan of their driver’s licence.

    How to detect a scam:
    1. Long winded replies
    2. Personal relies
    3. Not responding or delaying answers to direct questions
    4. Over-payment, and request to return funds because of the mistake
    5. Using multiple emails during exchange
    6. No phone number provided
    7. No phone number provided for references
    8. Using “classified” work as an excuse not to provide employer
    9. Promise of renting for a long period of time

    I searched the internet for references to several email associated with this tenant but did not find any at the beginning. However, I did find a hit several weeks later at "scamwarners".

    REIN members, What are some of the other indicators that you use ?
  2. Matt Crowley

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    "CLASSIFIED" haha. I'm using that at the bar.

    There is basically no reason for anything to be complicated on an application.

    Good list above, another: insisting on paying cash only
    Name on application doesn't match name pulled by TenantVerification (I had this happen recently and Tenant Verification didn't flag!)
    Can't provide any previous addresses
    Verbal history of only disputes with past landlords
    "Landlord" can't wait to answer questions "how can I help you sir?"or not familiar with lease dates, basics of property management .... probably their friend on the other line.
  3. Alvaro Sanchez

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