Good areas in Barrie, Ontario for rental properties


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Jul 24, 2014
Dear Forum Members,

I am thinking of investing in a rental property in Barrie and would like some pointers on the good areas, areas to avoid and any other suggestions.

I have been looking around the Georgian college and the south Barrie area near the GO station. still not completely sure if renting out to students near the Georgian college is a better prospect than renting out to couples/small families who may prefer staying closer to the GO station. Also, how easy is it to rent out to a group of students in a large house vs renting out to a single family, and the appreciation of the property over the years.

Does anyone know what the rental demand is like in south Barrie ? from what i have seen, seems like houses in south Barrie seem to be more expensive as well and seem to appreciate more than the Georgian college area.

Appreciate any experiences, suggestions, comments.

Thanks !



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Hi Ned

I am an investor, REALTOR & property property manager in Barrie. I work exclusively in this area and have for 15 years. Let me know how I may be of assistance as there are areas to be aware

of and important not just buy anywhere. Contact me directly 705-727-2300 and can follow or check up on me at


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Apr 24, 2010
Mississauga, Ontario
Hi Shannon.

Hope all is well.

My son's girlfriend has a property in Barrie and is looking for a Property Manager. The property is now vacant and they will be on site tomorrow to clean up. I will call you tonight.
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