How do I put REMA my data file on my laptop to take on a trip


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Aug 30, 2007
1) Download REMA to the laptop, insert your License key.

2) Then on your PC to go into REMA and click on Toolkit, View Database Location. Go to that folder and find the file called REMA.mdb on your PC.

3) Copy that file to a network drive folder location or to a portable storage device (ie a memory stick).

4) Now go back to the laptop and locate your data file just as you did on the PC in step 2.

5) Then paste the REMA.mdb file you made a copy of from your PC into the folder you located in step 4 on your laptop (it will over-write the mdb file in the laptop).

And voila, your data will be now on the laptop.

Simply repeat steps 2 to 5 to move the data file back to your other computer.

Remember that you cannot synchronize the files, so you will have to manually transfer the data file back to the PC later on. If you make changes to both data files (on each computer) you will have to choose which one to retain and lose the changes you made on the other.