Important update information for REMA Users


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Aug 30, 2007
Hi all,We have an important revision of REMA for you for both security and functionality reasons. This includes an update of our automated updating feature in order to improve its capabilities and it`s security. These improvements have required us to set new and more sophisticated passwords on our server, and that in turn means you will have to login on our site at and manually download the latest version of REMA. From then on REMA will look after keeping itself current on your computer all by itself.We have also rebuilt our website within a new and better structure, so you will notice a few changes when you login (on the right-hand side of all pages). The downloads link is now the far right-hand tab on our Home page.When you install the update please be sure to check the `Create a QuickLaunch icon` or a ` Create a Desktop icon`. Please first delete your existing REMA shortcuts and icons as they will now be pointing to the wrong exe file to start REMA. This is very important.
And, as always, we have a few more excellent reasons for you to get the update besides the improved auto-update feature. We have created some great new improvements to REMA as described below:

July 30, 2008 update version 3.3.6

Added a Mortgage Calculation Worksheet Report for various lending institutions - with thanks to Peter Kinch, Rob MacDonald and the Canadian Mortgage Team!

Added the first edition of our new JV Presentation Package in the Analyzer. This allows you to choose a logo for the title page and to select which reports to include in the package that you can save and then print or email for JV prospects and Lenders etc. We are still working on some sizing issues regarding the logo file. Play around with different graphics files until you find one that works and then get back to us with the size you had success with. We tried a .jpg file up to 550 x 210 with success. Looking forward to your feedback on this new feature!

Added a "How To" button in the JV Presentation package set up screen

Fixed a date issue in the Revenue and Expense screens when the Possession Date was a year or more in the past

Allowed the Fixmdb.exe program to be run from within Rema. This utility will update your database to handle new fields sometimes contained in REMA updates. The utility should run automatically when updating REMA (you`ll get a pop-up saying your data files were updated successfully), but once in a while does not with some VISTA installations. Find it in Toolkit "Update Database with new Fields (Fixmdb)".

Mortgage Calculator in Analyzer and Portfolio now allows calculation of a single balloon payment `At End of Term` of the mortgage. This will be very helpful for those VTB and other 3rd party 2nd mortgages structured this way.

Added the ability to include Mortgage/Loan fees in an Analyzer mortgage setup so you can include high-ratio CMHC & GE Capital fees in your projections easily.