Leases Don't Seem to Hold Much Weight Anymore


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Oct 6, 2007
Calgary, Alberta
Just a warning for everyone.

I had tenants in my apartment for two years. On the second year, I came down and had them initial to old lease to sign for another year.

They ended up moving out three months early and did not pay for the on-going rent.

It was two months vacant before I found a suitable tenant. According to lease laws, they should have to pay me for those two months.

I took them to "court" through RTDRS. I did everything as RTDRS tells us to do.

Judge ended up having them only pay me one month, resulting in a $1200 loss for me.

I told her "What's the point of a lease?"

The tenants lied and said I told them when they signed that one months notice was enough to break it. It wasn't in writing so it should be dismissed. Also, why sign a year lease of it can be broken with a month notice?

Anyways, either laws don't matter anymore in the tenant/landlord world, or this judge knows them.

Either way, I find it incredibly unlawful and a waste of a landlords time.

Be careful.


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Jan 22, 2017
On top of the one month rent they had to pay you, did you also keep the security deposit?


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Sep 7, 2007
I feel the same way.

The RTDRS has changed since the NDP government. They have been extremely biased favoring the tenant as of late.

Even with pictures and documentation with tenant's signature as proof. RTDRS considers everything wear and tear after 6 years of tenancy. (Broken doors off the hinges and fist size holes in walls and doors, cainet and counter top damages, missing mini-blinds and screens ect.) All damages are considered wear and tear after 5 years in the RTDRS eyes. Spent $35,000 went after the tenant for $5,000 in damages over and above the security deposit. I even had proof with the tenants signature on the paperwork that he was to fix all his damages at time of move out and he did not. After going to the RTDRS, I had to pay the tenant back $379.79 from the security deposit.

I will go back to small claims courts if this keeps up. I felt the RTDRS person was a this case.

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