Looking for a Pre-Qualified RTO tenant in Barrie


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May 6, 2008
Macdonell Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
I have just recently posted here about an RTO deal gone sour and asking about legalities. This post is in a different vein. Due to the current RTO tenant walking away, I am wondering if anyone here would know of a pre-qualified RTO tenant wishing to live in Barrie. I am willing to enter into a new RTO contract, with the professional help of an RTO specialist. The house is in the Leticia Heights area, in a decent neighbourhood, semi-detached, at the end of a cull-de-sac, with a pie- shaped lot and a nice garden in the back. I estimate the current value at around $175,000 to $180,000. John Kordowisko, Toronto, 416-727-7461. Thank you in advance for any leads.