Mastery - My Top 10


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Dec 3, 2007
It took me a few weeks to go over all my notes from the last years mastery course. After reviewing it, it amazed me and amazes me still how well it was put together and how it layered itself perfectly. Some of the things I reviewed I didn't even realize how engrained it has become, it just became a part of me and my language.

The Top 10 lessons that I can take stalk in that I learned are:

  • Volunteer or Victim mindset - the control and power to know you are either one or the other.
  • Hold Steadfast - the story of the bird in the forest is hauntingly empowering.
  • Make my family a team - say what we appreciate about each other at the start of each meal. My daughters are 2.5 and 10 months so I can't wait to have that be at its fullest.
  • To be transparent, spontaneous and vulnerable - its powerfully liberating.
  • Purpose is ALIVENESS! I breathe that saying in as much as I can remember it.
    To forgive myself for I am human and will make mistakes so take that moment and move on - I am just starting my career in Real Estate and most importantly as a mother so I use this often, and I say it to others even more. We are all human, forgive yourself and forgive others.
    The Costanza Challenge - I always have it in my mind and when I used it I survived!! With this I have challenged a few and we have had the most fun.
    Excitement is fertilizer - to be able to control that emotion and power in me when I need it most.
    To control my own destiny - it grounds me to know that. To truly believe that.
    The hardest and most powerful is accepting what it is and what it isn't. The should world has been my home for as long as I can remember and I didn't even know I used to live there.

The impact that this mastery course has had is not just in my life but in the lives of those around me. Russell mentioned that the Juicy, Jazzy language was his favorite, well for me the language of empowerment has changed me and made me want to empower others to live freer, more grounded lives. To be a volunteer and to be able to have fun as they dance with destiny.

The mastery course has come into my life at the exact moment it should have. I am a new mother of two beautiful daughters, Arya and Raya, and the transformation of being a new parent was heighten by being immersed in this course. Being a mother has changed me, it made me realize just how connected we are as a species. The energy we bring to the world as one person is astounding let alone the energy we have as a collective group. I marvel at it and I want to be a part of the change. The change for us to see the joy and passion of working together to be better and have MORE! But not more things, more awareness of THIS moment, more awareness of our own capacity for resiliency, and the need to evolve to be connected and pure. Transparency, spontaneous, and vulnerable. Love and peace to you all my REIN partners.


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Jan 14, 2011
Tarah, I see this was written in 2013, how has the progression and self realization coming? Powerful stuff for sure that was presented!
Perhaps a phone chat is in order!