Migrating REMA onto a new computer


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Aug 30, 2007
1) Download and install the REMA (the Full Program) on your new computer, then start REMA and insert your License Key (the same License Key as used on your old computer).

2) On your old computer open REMA and click on Toolkit, View Database Location. Then go to the folder specified on your old computer and find the file called REMA.mdb.

3) Copy that file to a network drive folder location or to a portable storage device (ie a memory stick).

4) Now go back to the new computer and locate your data file just as you did on the old computer in step 2.

5) Then paste the REMA.mdb file you made a copy of from your old computer into the folder you located in step #4 on your new computer. That process will over-write the existing empty data file in the new computer with your data file.