Operating Tips


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Aug 30, 2007
When entering a new Property1) Work in the Tabs from left to right so that REMA will create the required calculations and information in the Tabs to the right.2) We recommend you use the Analyzer to get the property into your Portfolio, as in that way you will find it easy as Analyzer will transfer all the Income and Expense items along with all the other data, and you will become more familiar with the Analyzer module. And you can refer back to the analysis later to see how you are doing compared to your projections!Reports for JV Partners
1) If your Partner`s share is 50% then the report works the same for you both. If not for the meantime, you can check your JV Partner`s record in the Vendors Table as `This is Me`, then un-check `This is Me` in your record in the Vendors Table and then run the Snapshot Report.


1) You can transfer the same property multiple times to test different property scenarios, or to try out different scenarios within Analyzer.


1) Use Tooltips (hover your curser over the field for a description) & Screentips (tips located on the screens with important information about what you are doing) to help you when working in REMA.

How to best provide Fedback on errors or bugs

The best way to support REMA and the REIN community using REMA it is to provide feedback regarding operating questions or problems. A great way to do this is the following:
1) Area of program (what screen were you in?)
2) What you were doing / clicking on / keystroking / etc.
3) Result (describe error message or whatever happened that causes your question)
4) Desired result (what would you referred to have seen hapen)
5) Potential solutions (if you have one please pass it on to us)

Screen / Window size and positioning

Question: Windows don`t always seem to open fully so I can see the complete window, and sometimes are not where I want them on the monitor
Answer: The first time you open a grid type screen, you might need to resize it to fit your preference and monitor.
1) Pressing Function key 6 on the keyboard (usually labeled F6 or PF6) will center the form on the screen.
2) Drag the edges of the window to a size that shows the entire form.
3) When you exit the form, the system will remember its size and position.