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Nov 15, 2007

I am fairly new to Macs, and yet I love the layout. I just purchased REMA, and am about to download it. I do not understand all of the jargon at all, and am confused as to what to do. Even going to the wine site is a bit misleading. I am anxious to get going, but am unaware of what version, etc to use.

I need some help. Anyone have anytime for a chat? I am using an IMac, OSX, Version 10.5.4 It`s a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Again, unclear what that exactly means, but that`s what I have.

I don`t want to appear too stunned to even use this program, but man, I can`t make head or tail out of the instructions. Help?

- Chris


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Aug 30, 2007
Hi Chris,

I`m not sure if you are asking about Mac info regarding `Wine` or about downloading and installing REMA, so below I have copied from other threads the instructions on downloading and installing REMA. Also you can read through the other threads in this forum and also check out the REMA FAQ forum. If you have any further questions regarding REMA just send me an email at and we`ll get you going.

If you are asking about Mac issues check the thread titled `REMA for Macs` in this forum (about halfwaydoen the page of threads).

To download REMA go to and click on the Login & Downloads link at the top right corner of our home page.

If you are already registered on our REMA website then just enter your Username and Password and you will be taken to the Downloads page.

If it is your first time downloading REMA, click on `Register`. Complete the form and our automated system will immediately email you a confirmation link and a temporary password. Click on that link and you will be taken to the Downloads page at where you will login and download REMA.

Find the correct version for your Operating System of either the Full Program Download or the Latest Update only. Use the Latest Update option if you already have a previous version of REMA and you want to keep the data you have already entered.

IMPORTANT NOTE- if you download the Full Program Download you will lose all data you have entered in your Portfolio and in the Sample User database.

You can restore the Sample User data file to its current original state if you have made changes to it (it is a fully functioning database).

You can also download the current version of the Help File & User Guide, although this is included with the auto-update feature now in REMA.

The Auto-Update feature, when you launch REMA, will automatically check your version against the one on our site, and if yours is older it will automatically update you to the current version (you will need to click on `yes` to allow it when the pop-up appears- and of course you need to be online for this to work).

If you have any questions on this just send us an email to

Learning to Operate REMA:
To help you get started and to learn how to operate REMA we have built a pretty comprehensive set of training options, each one geared for different learning styles and schedule preferences.

1) The Help File & User Guide within REMA is a pretty comprehensive resource (open REMA and click on Help).

2) Go to the REMA Training forums. First read through what is in the REMA Training forum REMA Discussion forum, then the REMA FAQ forum

3) There are Live Training (101 and 201 classes) available in all the REIN Meeting Cities scheduled based on demand. You will find these posted on the REMA Training forum on myreinspace.

4) Most of the 101 Course is now on our website as audio/video recordings – click on the Learning Tools link.