Rent-To-Own Subforum


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Aug 22, 2007
Hello Members,

We have just posted a brand new subforum here in the Canadian Quick Turn Real Estate forum. This subforum is for you to post questions and information regarding Rent-To-Own (RTO) properties and investments. We encourage you all to use the tools in here for your Rent-To-Own needs as well as for member support regarding the topic. This will be announced at the Edmonton monthly workshop tonight June 1st, and at the Calgary monthly workshop on Wednesday June 2nd. There will be more information posted following tonight's meeting.

We've compiled a few links to get you all started and give you a context of the material that we will be compiling in this area, as well as the nature of the postings you may want to include under this subforum.

Interview with Mark Loeffler:

Lease Option/Quick Turn Forms:

Ron LeGrand Canadian Quick Turn Forms:

Rent-To-Own Worksheet:

Mark Loeffler's "Investing in Rent-To-Own Property":

As questions and inquiries involving RTO arise, we encourage you to post them here along with links and any other material you may find helpful to other members. Thank you and we look forward to streamlining your RTO investment information needs.