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Jun 9, 2017
Hi Everyone,

In the event you ever have issues with drains backing up or sewer issues, like I did not long ago, here is a great company to use: CRT Developments Inc 780-217-0907. Basement tenants called me and told me their kitchen sink drain was backing up. I thought it was a clog so I went in there with a snake and it worked for about a day, but the next day it started backing up again. I tried out this company and they used steam to fix the problem in little time and everything is still flowing properly. The company I used also has very competitive pricing and is very reliable, they also have 24hr service. I just wanted to put a plug in there for them because in the past I spent thousands of dollars for a similar issue at a different property when I called a plumber who ended up breaking up the ground and replacing some pipes. I wish I had contacted this company first and probably would have paid a small fraction of the price I did and dealt with the problem directly.
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Tina Myrvang

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Nov 15, 2010
Hello Victor,

Thank you for your referral. I will post this in the Resource Directory for all members to see.

Thank you again!