Starting Up Rema Again


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Oct 22, 2007
Hi Garth,

I bought a REMA subscription a year (or two) ago and entered some of my properties and stored the data in a folder of `MyDocuments`. I am not sure whether REMA does(did) this by default, but storing all my data in `MyDocuments` is my normal `backup` strategy.

I was too busy in those days to complete entering my properties and forgot all about it. Now, I want to start again. Unfortunately, I bought a new computer and lost all REMA software.

So, the question is, what is the easiest (both in work and money) way to start over again.



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Aug 30, 2007
Hi Godfried,

I am making the assumption that you do have a backup of the REMA data from your old computer, yes? If so, then no work required at all !!

Just retrieve your old data file and locate it wherever you want on your new computer and `point` REMA to that data file. The default location for data files as set by Windows in XP is Application Data and in Vista it is Program Data. I moved mine into a folder I created in My Documents for easy backing up, just as you suggest. Your REMA data file is named rema.mdb

Instructions on how to move a data file and to point REMA to it are in the REMA Help file - and of course you can always email us with any questions at

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