Thank You for the Great REMA training in Calgary


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Thank you to Dave, Arnel, Garth and Brian, for your REMA training and program, as well as Neil, who provided the first class board room at Calgary BMW, along with a gourmet cheese platter, fruit platter, coffee, bottled water, and of course, BMW`s and BMW key chains for all of us to take home. I must say, in the four years we`ve been involved with REIN, we have never been pampered like we were tonite - THANK YOU!!!! The training was first class, and I wish we would have had this program when we started with REIN four years ago next week. WOW! For those of you who don`t have a clue what the REMA program can do, get busy and download it. Follow the tutorials, and enter all your data, or any properties you have to analyze.

THis program takes all the guess work out of real estate investing, and if you have been afraid to take the first step, plug all your numbers into the analyzer, and let it crunch the numbers for you. Then LEAP not step into real estate investing. We love this business and the REMA program totally takes the guesswork out of it. Also, you know where you are at with plugging all your numbers into the program.

Want JV partners?? You`ll get them when they see the analysis you do with REMA. Believe me when I tell you we bought all the programs people in REIN ever created. We have spent a fair amount of money on making our business simpler - REMA is the best and most simplified for the "average" investor who isn`t a computer "geek" yet it is a complex and deep program (quite like a good red wine!)

Not only does REMA give you a clear picture of analysis of potential purchases, it also gives you a clear picture of your portfolio, and is a great tool to assist in your exit strategy. Wait til my banker sees all the new reports I email to her!!!

Needless to say, you can maybe tell I was impressed with not only the program, but with the excellent training that occured in Calgary tonite.....(Nov 29th). I think the other participants were super impressed as well - I would run, not walk to enroll in another of the REMA training programs.

Thank you Dave, Garth, Brian, Arnel, and Neil for putting the Calgary REMA training on. And Neil, I LOVE my new silver BMW!!!!


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Sep 14, 2007
Edmonton, AB
Great post Darlene, I would like to echo your comments and add a bit. REMA is going to make my life easier and give me more time to do the things I want to do. I look forward to getting everything entered in right and start producing reports for potential JV deals.

Great job guys, I think everyone learned a ton!


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Sep 10, 2007
It was absolutely our pleasure folks! I`m so glad that you found value in what was presented, and that you can bring your investing to the next level with this tool.

I want to thank everyone who came out and brought their enthusiasm and open minds. I had as much fun presenting the material as much as everyone seemed to enjoy receiving it. We had fantastic responses to the surveys that were passed around at the end as well....thanks for your great remarks. It tells us we`re on the right track!

I would also like to thank Neill for offering up the great venue and the hospitality he provided.

Special kudos to Sean Verret who made the trek all the way from Medicine Hat and back again on a weeknight! True commitment to his business.

Stay tuned for the next rounds of training, and thanks again,


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Sep 17, 2009
new jersey
Nancy`s here!

As I read all your postings here, I was little bit jealous of you guys. Hehe
I`m interested to join for the next training.

When will it be?

I want to learn a ton also.

"You can never learn less; you can only learn more." - R. Buckminster Fuller, 1895-1983, American Architect and Engineer


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Aug 30, 2007
Hi Nancy,

We aren`t doing the live training this year - instead we have recorded the class and posted it on our website here - just click on Learning Tools. You will find several recordings listed as we split the class into chapters. There are also other recordings and interview there as well as a couple of tip sheets.

Hope that helps,