Toronto and GTA Houses at Big Discounts - Private Sales


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Hello Fellow REIN Members,
Right now there are many opportunities to buy houses in the GTA at a big discount. Private sellers are calling me every week and I'm getting more deals than I can handle.

Some are good for PROFITABLE fix & flips.

Some deals are good if you're looking for a new home. (Those 4 Bedroom, double car garage houses.)
I've had some great deals come to me recently that I couldn't do anything with. But I thought to myself... "If only I knew someone looking for a home in this area... this is a smoking deal."
If you are looking for a "money maker" home, then now is the time. Buy at a discount, maybe do some light renos, and then your appraised value will be a lot more.

I'm getting deals all over the GTA. Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Stouffville, Markham, Downtown Toronto, etc.

-Some sellers will sell for prices better than anything in the past two years.
-Both condos and single family houses.
-The market is slow, prices have dropped, but some sellers NEED to sell and they WANT someone to buy at a discount to get them out of the situation they are in.

If you're looking to buy soon, then lets have a conversation to see if we can get you a Money Maker.
Aaron Moore