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Terms and rules

REIN Board Rules

These are private forums. By registering at the REIN Message Boards, users agree that any post deemed inappropriate may be removed at the sole discretion of REIN. REIN also has the right, at its sole discretion, to revoke board privileges at any time without notice or reason. In simple terms: if you break the rules, you will be banned. Exploiting loopholes to circumvent rules will also result in a ban.

REIN is not responsible for messages posted on the REIN Boards or the content therein. Unless expressly stated otherwise, this includes messages posted by REIN personnel, agents, representatives et al. REIN reserves the right to reveal the identity of or whatever information we know about any user in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by said user.

  • Flaming, Bashing, Trolling, and Spam
    While it’s okay to have disagreements in discussions, name calling or other personal attacks will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. Trolling is defined as posting anything specifically desREINed to attract a negative reaction from an individual or group. Not all negative opinions are automatically considered trolling, but positive discussions are encouraged. Advertising or excessive spamming or bumping of any thread is not permitted, and will result in a ban. Everyone is trying to drive their post counts up, and active contributions to discussion will always be welcomed. Determination of flaming, trolling, and spam posts will be made at the discretion of mods.
  • Profanity
    Use of profanity as personal expression, in pictures, or in text, is allowed on the REIN boards. However, any profanity used will be subject to guidelines. Racial slurs or Hate Speech are not allowed and any person caught using them will be banned. Explicitly sexual or profane descriptions and writing are not allowed. (The REIN Boards are not your own personal Penthouse forums.) Profanity directed in an attack against another user is subject to the same considerations as flaming and trolling (see above). Usernames with profanity are prohibited.
  • Off-Topic Posts
    Off-topic posts will be deleted or moved to the appropriate board. Excessively posting off topic content or hijacking and driving a discussion off topic will result in a warning or ban.
  • Impersonating Other Users, Accessing another User's Account, or Posting Users Information
    You may not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking another user or group of users. Accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another user's account is strictly prohibited, and will result in a permanent ban. You are responsible for your account. If somebody uses your account and gets banned, you are responsible unless there is IP proof that another user has maliciously used your account. In this case you will not be punished, however you will need to create a new account for security reasons. Revealing users' personal information (without their consent) will result in your account being banned.
  • Bans
    Ban times will be increased for repeat offenses. Bans are private matters and are NOT discussed publicly. We only will discuss the nature, reason, and length of a ban with the user banned. If you log onto the REIN message boards and receive a message that you have been banned, please note the reason and time and wait for the ban to end. Or if you believe the ban is in error, please send a PM to a moderator and he or she will assist you from there. Your ban will then go through a review process and you will be notified within 7 days of the review's outcome. It is standard practice on REIN to increase ban times for repeat offenders, however bans will now cap themselves at a one month maximum unless it is decided that a user is permanently banned, or time is added to a ban for circumvention. Taking any action while banned other than privately disputing a ban claim (including posting/liking/messaging other users) on an alternate user name is not permitted, and will result in an extension of the current ban.
  • Pornography, Pedophilia & Sexually Explicit Content
    Absolutely no forms of pornography are allowed on the boards. Images that contain sexual acts, pubic hair, female nipples, bare bottoms, bodily fluids or genitals that are in any way visible, even though clothing, are not permitted. We allow mature discussions of sexuality and pornography, but these discussions must remain mature at all times. If you plan on starting a sexual discussion, please do not use any sexually explicit or profane wording in the subject line. Any posts, pictures, jokes, or discussions with a clear intent to sexualize children, including sexually suggestive photos of anyone seemingly under the age of 18 will incur a permanent ban from the REIN Boards. The use of unaltered classic art (excluding photographs/videos of people or acts depicting pornographic material) for the sake of discussion and not for the sole purpose of circumventing a ban on otherwise banned content is allowed.
  • Questionable Content
    Since we can't have a rule to cover everything, this is the rule to, well, cover everything. These are public boards, so act like you would if you were in a public place. (A nice place!) These issues are left to the discretion of individual moderators, but may include any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, misleading, spammy, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, sexist, obscene, racist, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, that otherwise violates any law, or that encourages conduct constituting a criminal offense. Asking for or offering any of the material listed above is also out not permitted.
  • There are thousands of posts each day on the REIN message boards, so we can't always promise you'll receive a warning every time action has to be taken. By registering at the REIN Message Boards, users agree that any post deemed inappropriate may be removed at the sole discretion of REIN. REIN also has the right, at its sole discretion, to revoke board privileges at any time without notice or reason. Think of these rules as a forewarning and, if you break them, you're taking your account status into your own hands.

    Also note that the Board Rules extend to all areas of the REIN Message Boards system, including but not limited to Private Messages, Signatures, and Unban Requests.

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