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Just posted new Airbnb allowed opportunity in DT Vancouver near seawall & future $2B hospital
Are there any tricks to getting your credit score back up quickly, any articles here on REIN on that topic?
Hi Thomas, I have some properties that I have purchased over the past decade that are beside each other, in a few locations that I want to PLAN for rezoning: a change of use from single family to multi family. My intent to begin raising POOL of funds to purchase additional properties and also BUILD buy and hold multi family rental units. Can I connect in an email? My Email is [email protected]
Joint venture or loan opportunity!
I am always looking for properties and partners to support myself and others creating financial certainty and wealth. I intend to create wealth and financial freedom for myself and my partners, secured by real estate.
I have This excellent excellent opportunity and would looking for a good partner:
3 buildings in the same property:
- 1 single house of 3 bedrooms generating $1,600.
Tina Myrvang
Tina Myrvang
You need to make this a post, not your profile.......call me if you need help.
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