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Hi, We are looking for a money partner for our 8-unit infill project currently at the development permit stage. One year term and we are flexible on the interest rate. Over the past 3 years we have successfully completed as employees over 400 condo conversions (office to luxury rental), skinny homes and townhomes in Edmonton. This is our first project that we are doing on our own and is why we require the additional
Business Technology Management, Inc. founded in 2007, with the objective of providing access for all types of Business funding , Business & Individual loans: SBA, Real Estate Capital, Equipment Leasing, Credit Lines. Venture Capital, Grants and even crowd funding.
Hello real estate family, my name is Zekarias, I'm glad joining the group
I'm new to the group and new to invest. I'm thinking to build garage suit at the back of my house. They told me first to go house designer, city for permit and then to contractor.
I'm a little bit nervous. Anyone who knows or has experience I would love to hear your advice , thanks