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Sr. Property Manager and Business Development Manager at Real Property Management Service serving GTA.
Hi Tina. Shona here. We just had a chat about a tenant putting up a pool. I just spoke with my insurance broker. It's $68 extra annually for $2 million for the extra coverage on the pool.
Do I need to post signs like a public swimming pool? What and where do I find this info? I searched the landlord tenant board site and I have not found anything concrete to make sure I've done my due diligence?
Tina Myrvang
Tina Myrvang
Hello Shona,

Check with your city by-law office to find out all that is required. Make sure you tell them also that it must be taken down for winter. We don't need that freezing up and causing damage.
Contemplating if COVID will increase or decrease demand for residential real estate. I have some senior executives hopeful it will in that people want more distance.I am not as optimistic.
-Boomers are downsizing rapidly
-Massively inverted demography across Canada
-Millenials entering their peak spending years yet most are moving in with parents again and or are buying the mentality of 'tiny houses' or shared living
Youtuber @ FindGreatTenants.com -I create videos about tenant screening and tech, helping real estate investors and landlords level up their business.
Very much enjoyed meeting REIN members, new attendees and guests at the Calgary ACRE event over the March 6 - 8 weekend. Looking forward to collaborating!