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    Canadians Snap Up U.S. Properties

    Dam that is amazing Rickson! A grand slam that has set you up for life. Nice job. Have you been consistently buying since 2009? Or stopped at a certain point when valuations got more expensive? Any particular markets that peak your interest these days?
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    Been around for a while now via the flex program. This program has certainly encouraged a lot of developers to build more than they otherwise would have - us included
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    We build new rental multifamily in a couple of different Canadian markets (not greater Van) and have made good returns on recent projects but I am concerned about some of our planned projects. There is high construction cost inflation/uncertainty, an increasing rate environment and lots of...
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    Multifamily insurance

    Our average insurance premium rate ended up being about 0.33. Any comparables would be appreciated
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    Multifamily insurance

    Our portfolio has been getting hammered with massive increases year over year for our insurance premiums. I know most landlords are facing the same issue and I was hoping things would be stabilizing after many years of large increases but it is looking like we face another 40% + increase this...
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    Future of Alberta

    I doubt Keystone will ever be built. Bad time to be starting a multi-family project in Edmonton imo - rental or condo. Supply > Demand. Rental vacancy is at 7.2% and multi-family starts increased substantially in 2020 despite lower immigration and the pandemic. Other negatives are rates are...
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    New 4 plex build cost

    Agreed. I don't think RNDSQR has been very successful with this model lately. It looks like most of their recently completed projects and projects under construction weren't selling well so they have shifted to make them rentals. Building expensive, modern units would probably work better in...
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    Crazy low mortgage rates now on CMHC Multi-family - just refinanced at 1.66 % :)

    Nice work. Definitively nice to have such low rates. Some pretty hefty financing fees associated with a 85% CMHC mortgage though. Need to account for legal, broker fee, cmhc application fee, cmhc insurance premium and any cmhc amortization extension fees
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    Calgary condos undervalued

    This deal wouldn't get me too excited either and we aren't looking to buy in Calgary at this time, however it is easier to find good deals when there is an abundance of supply and low demand so if you have a bullish outlook on Calgary looking at the condo market may be a good idea. I'm not that...
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    Calgary condos undervalued

    Normally I would agree with you Martin and would avoid buying condos however I have a friend who just bought a 2 bed, 1 bath condo with an underground parking stall in the Beltline of Calgary in a high-rise concrete older building that I would classify as B class for $160,000. Spent $15,000 on...
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    Alberta - Where is the opportunity ?

    Agree with this. I have a pretty bearish outlook for downtown cru in general and think rent appreciation will be very weak if not negative compared to inflation. Online shopping is going to continue to grow making it extremely difficult to run a successful business selling goods. Areas like...
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    Calgary condos undervalued

    Definitely agree with you Matt. Better opportunity for buying individual condos at this point in Calgary. Multi-family assets are trading at a pretty substantial premium
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    A possible future for oil.

    The oil price collapse was a supply and demand issue but I wouldn't say it is all OPEC's fault. Global oil supply is about 96.5 million barrels per day and OPEC currently produces about 32.5 million barrels per day of it. From the trough of 2009 to peak 2015 production OPEC increased their...
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    Will you buy a property only cash flow but no appreciation potential?

    Will you buy a property only cash flow but no appreciation potential? - Yes, if it gives you a good yield and you think it is a desirable place that you will be able to keep full. In general I wouldn't bank on property values to appreciate more then inflation in a lot of Canadian markets...