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I came from the humble beginnings in a small town called Esterhazy Saskatchewan. Both my parents live there still with my one older brother. My mother always gave us kids everything we needed first and left herself only what was leftover. I only understood that after I joined the working world and wanted to find a way to give back to her what she sacrificed to give me. My father taught me how to work hard with no excuses, to seek results, be honest and earn my money.

I always seemed to stay very curious of the world around me throughout my life. Once high school was over I had so many interests I did not know what path to follow. I heard through my older friends who were already in university that they regret going to university, or they switched studies half way through, or didn’t use their degree at all!

Hearing this deterred me from wanting to go to post secondary schooling. Keep in mind that I love learning, just not at the expense of money I didn’t have access to, or wasting my “best years” on a degree I wasn’t 100% on just yet. As you can see I am a prudent person and do not pursue something until I am certain about the results.

I decided to work in the oil patch in 2006 for a maximum of three years knowing the money can be a trap for young guys like me at the age of seventeen. I was placed on a great crew in Carlyle Saskatchewan just in the middle of the oil boom. Work was busy, I made good money. The foreshadowing thought working hard labor the rest of my life later encouraged me to invest my money for my future. I chose mutual funds.

2008 rolled around quick and the market ended up taking a turn for the worst. I happened to lose most of my money in six months! I went back to my banker, said I want to take all my money out. Being advised that was a poor decision, I thought leaving my financial future in the hands of my banker was a poor decision.

I began to look at how the wealthy seemed to have not only more control over their money, but better returns as well. I had to find out. So I researched, dug, investigated till finally I discovered that most of the wealthiest people on the planet got that way through Real Estate! Not knowing how to get started I hired a Real Estate coach to help my with my first transaction. January 1st 2009 I bought my first single family home in Regina, Saskatchewan. I experienced many growing pains along the way. I weathered every storm until I found some long term tenants, in which more growing pains were just around the corner. Again I persevered and figured I could handle more. Six months later I bought my second home only two blocks away from the first.

Shortly thereafter, I needed bigger challenges. So I decided a career change into the military would be a good fit. In July 2009 I left to become a Medical Technician in the army. Now a fully licensed EMT in 2011, I got posted to Edmonton Alberta.

After experiencing tremendous results with my properties in Regina, I had enough capital and the freedom to pursue other passions. Staying true to my values, and staying efficient, I found a great way to travel, learn, grow, and lend a hand up all at the same time by going on a medical mission to Haiti November, 2012.

Having these options gave me much satisfaction knowing I created my own success. I am now opening my real estate business to share the wealth and freedom that Real Estate has already proven to provide with partners who want to invest.

Since moving to Edmonton I knew it was time to take my Real Estate business to the next level. After learning many essential strategies and making extensive contacts through REIN, joining toastmasters, buying another property, enhancing my circle of influence, and really polishing who I show up as a professional real estate investor, I am now expanding once more.

I invest in real estate because I know it is the most sustainable, attainable way to achieve wealth. Wealth is simply a tool that allows me to march to the beat of my own drum and give me the personal satisfaction of creating my own success. The people who know me well know this to be true. I also enjoy making ethical investments where all parties in the deal win. This is part of the trick to making a sustaining business model.
Nov 9, 1988 (Age: 35)
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[email protected]
Military Medic


Bronze REIN member, [email protected]
www.ryanlakerealestate.ca, finding real estate solutions to your financial goals.



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