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    Crossed the 100 Property Purchase Line since I started Investing 6 years ago

    Congrats Mandy!! Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
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    Investing in Quesnel BC

    Hi All, Thank for very much for providing your input! I absolutely agree that good property management would be key as usual. I live in Abbotsford so would definitely be relaying on others for this service. Also great call on finding contractors. Quesnel was just one idea and I will keep your...
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    Investing in Quesnel BC

    Hello fellow REIN members! Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on investing in Quesnel BC? It seems that there is a big need for rental properties there at the moment. Looks like the main industry is forestry. Is anyone investing there currently or have any experience investing there...
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    Email to tenants addressing Covid-19 issues

    Hello Everyone! I am a brand new REIN member and am truly grateful to be part of this community. I want to share what I have done for my tenants during the COVID-19 crisis, both to share my approach but also to get some feedback from others on whether or not they think it was the right thing to...