Wade Fenner began his real estate investing career the hard way. After a serious medical condition left him unemployed and without a driver’s license, he relocated to Calgary where he bought a bicycle for transportation and his first investment property. Riding a wave of optimism and with a few dollars in his pocket from his first real estate flip, Wade decided to get serious about his passion for real estate and went looking for another property.

Starting with nothing more than a cash advance on two credit cards, a cell phone, and a bicycle, Wade managed to buy, renovate, and sell his way through more than a million dollars worth of real estate transactions in his first year. Now, thirteen years later, he has taken title to over $30,000,000 worth of quality residential and commercial properties in Alberta.

The methods he uses to locate and purchase undervalued properties are as unique as the story of how he got started in real estate. With the experience he gained through dozens of real estate transactions and believing that only by helping others succeed does one achieve true success, Wade founded Foreclosures Canada Information Systems Inc. Through this company, he has taught and mentored hundreds of other investors about his particular style of real estate investing.

Well known for more than his bicycle story and down to earth manner, Wade’s vast knowledge of Alberta’s real estate market has translated into appearances on numerous TV and radio shows such as CBC Radio and BNN. He has also been quoted in national and regional newspapers like The Globe and Mail and the Calgary Herald.

As an award winning investor, trainer, and speaker and with more than 130 purchases to his credit Wade has become known in the real estate industry as the Go to Guy when looking for undervalued properties and simple solutions to complex real estate issues.

Wade currently lives in Edmonton and is the proud father of a young lad named Brody who at 11 years old is constantly reminding him that having fun is mandatory.
December 12
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Only by helping others does one achieve a true level of success. Let my experience be your solution.
Investor, Educator, Renovator, Flipper


To Your Success,
Wade Fenner 780-970-4545

24 Year Veteran of REIN - Diamond Member
Player of the Year Award Winner 1998 & 5 Time Top Ten Award Winner



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