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    Consequences of returning the property to the mortgage holder and walking away?

    You have a $60,000 spread between debt and value so why not simply sell it? I don't see a problem. Why would you hand it back?
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    Private Lender Seeking Deal

    Please contact me. Ty
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    Offloading condo ideas

    I wouldn't offer more to the listing agent, offer it to the buyers agent...
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    Concrete Cutter in Edmonton

    I just used Edmonton Concrete Cutters Stas 587- 990-9320 Not cheap $600 per
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    What is the best bank for multiple checking accounts and REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT

    As an added comment to all of you who are depositing multiple cheques into multiple accounts - WHY??? Here's an idea that I've used successfully for many years. Have one main account for all rent deposits basically your property management account. Use EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)...
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    How do I best advertise a property to a developer?

    Hello, I'm working with a builder client who just bought a property in Richie and is looking for more. Please call me directly or email me through the forum or Thank-you
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    Finding distressed properties

    Yes one should be careful when making opinions when not informed by ones own indepth practical experience. Speak to those members who are making efforts with great success. I for one have bought over 100 house directly from home owners who called me with an interest in selling. I've never...
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    Microsoft Exchange server or Cisco

    Maybe shoot David Sandbrand your question He's pretty knowledgable on this sort of thing
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    It`s the first... Where is my new tenant?

    The money they give to hold the property should get written up as the first months rent which is non-refundable whereas the damage deposit is.... and they can't take possession (ie get the key) until they pay the security deposit by the first. How long do you wait? Bit of a tricky question. I...
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    When can Buyer`s Lawyer also Represent the Bank? Lawyer`s Fee - Bank VS. Buyer?

    The bank doesn't pay the lawyer you do. No additional fees to the bank. Not sure on a multi but with single family homes this is the case.
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    More Libel Against REIN?

    Having registered many company and domain names over the years I'm wondering if what she had was a domain name or a company name because there is a big difference. Having a website does not imply it is a company name.
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    Seller will work with me but I don`t see the exit...

    Find out how much the seller needs to pay off his little loan. Get under contract on an Agreement for Sale to buy. Sell to existing tenants with a modest option payment, supplement it a little if you need to - use their down to you and a little cash to pay the seller what he needs to pay off...
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    Buying a Foreclosure in Alberta

    PS..... PLEASE NOTE: (My old site) is no longer operating and no I do not know of any list companies to reccomend nor do I have anything to do with foreclosures anymore so please don't ask. I may take a run at a MLS listed foreclosure for a client now and then...
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    Buying a Foreclosure in Alberta

    Hello, As the founder & owner of I have bought a lot of properties out of foreclosure..... Important Note: This was done while dealing directly with the owner not through a realtor or properties that were listed for sale on the MLS as a judicial sale or otherwise...
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    Renting main floor to a different tenant than the basement

    If its a single family home that has been suited you probably can't have another meter installed. Most senior REIN members I know, myself included, don't rent out suites to people on seperate leases. We take what would be the gross rent as if we had rented to two seperate parties reduce it by...