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    Check Your Insurance Coverage

    Rental Property Damage Repair equals a Capital Gain? Ottawa family livid over AWOL tenant Landlords of a south Ottawa rental property say damage that occurred during a time the property was leased to a tenant from Saudi-Arabia has cost them $70,000. The property, which is on San Remo...
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    Small Claim Court

    Make sure to check all the drains to make sure they are working. It has happened that some disgruntled tenants will pour cement down the drains knowing that the landlord usually doesn't check it when doing the move-out. Or in your case the 'forced' move-out. This can be very expensive.
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    principal residence

    Also note that if you add a secondary suite to your principal residence that you will incur a capital gain tax on the income producing portion upon a sale.
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    Canadians Snap Up U.S. Properties

    Facing Foreclosure Without Missing A SINGLE Payment: One Couple's Housing Nightmare
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    Why Americans don`t buy US properties

    Florida's Foreclosure Rocket Docket Expedites MASSIVE Bank Fraud
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    Canadians Snap Up U.S. Properties

    MERS Lacks Legal Right To Transfer Mortgages, NY Judge Rules "In Case Of Significant Impact" Merscorp Inc., operator of the electronic-registration system that contains about half of all U.S. home mortgages, has no right to transfer the mortgages under its membership rules, a judge said...
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    MLS listing without a real estate agent?

    Who is the MLS Broker used for your listing?
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    My attempt to get a secondary suite in Calgary

    Below is an explanation from Allyson Foulkes, Senior Development Inspector, Compliance Services, regarding how the City currently deals with Illegal Dwelling Units: At this point in time we do not do proactive enforcement as we do not have the staff levels to accommodate the workload...
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    Canadians Snap Up U.S. Properties

    Mass. court ruling has potential to void thousands of foreclosures:
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    Canadians Snap Up U.S. Properties

    The thorny question of how to handle cases when wrongfully foreclosed-upon properties were sold to unwitting homebuyers is starting to surface due to a host of legal issues, and it will only get worse as the pervasiveness of improperly transferred notes and flawed mortgage documentation becomes...
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    Canadians Snap Up U.S. Properties

    According to the Wall Street Journal`s latest quarterly survey of housing-market conditions, home prices continue to drop. They`ve dropped in all of the 28 major metropolitan areas, compared to a year earlier. And remember how awful things were in the housing market a year ago! In fact, the size...
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    Are we next ? Is Canada living beyond its means too ?

    How to Balance the Budget in 2 Years
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    Why Americans don`t buy US properties

    Canadian and northern United States snowbirds have expressed overwhelming concern with respect to the impact of disproportionate increases in property taxes. In essence, many members of our association are indicating that the disproportionate shifting of the property tax burden onto the...