basement apartment

  1. aaronmoore

    Big Discount on a Bungalow with Walk-Out Basement

    Who wants a deal on a fantastic bungalow? It has a perfect setup for a basement apartment thanks to high ceilings and two separate entrances at the front of the house. This house is well-maintained and very livable. It is dated, so you can choose to renovate now or later. Dated houses are...
  2. Marty Gordon

    Newest Property Acquired! Guelph, Ontario

    After several houses lost in bid wars we were finally able to secure our next investment property! List price was $599,000 but got it for $575,000 This one is near downtown Guelph, Ontario, and close to the infamous Exhibition Park. Full basement apartment renovation will be needed! WATCH:
  3. Marty Gordon

    If you like HGTV shows, you might like this youtube channel

    Hi everyone! I used to post my videos on here a while back. Kinda left the scene for a while, but am back now and hope that you guys find my videos helpful, interesting, or at the very least, entertaining! Please watch, like, subscribe, and ENJOY!:
  4. Steve_12690


    Great family home on quiet crescent, renovated top to bottom in last 10 years including siding, windows, weeping tile, sump, 24'x27' garage, hardwood, Tarkett Memory flooring, paint, baths, counter tops, appliances etc. The basement has a separate entrance, common laundry room, large newer...