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    RBC Report on Housing Affordability in Canada

    With the diverse economics across Canada, this report is a great illustration that "Canada's housing market" doesn't exist. Every region's fundamentals must be considered and analyzed separately. For the full report click HERE.
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    National Housing Strategy Report from RBC

    RBC Economics' report on the National Housing Strategy: what it is, what it is not and how they see it affecting the housing market in Canada.
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    RBC Monthly Housing Market Update November 2017

    RBC Economics Research released it's monthly housing market update and according to them it was all about continuity in Canada. While this gives more of an over-arching update, specific regions in each province (and in some cases it comes down to neighbourhood) may perform differently so as...
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    Canadian Housing Health Check November 2017

    Canadian Housing Health Check provides RBC Economics’ assessment of key indicators of Canada’s housing market that are deemed to offer early warning of potential imbalances. This monitoring exercise is one of the tools used regularly by RBC Economics to follow developments in this important...
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    Canadian Housing Market Forecast from RBC

    RBC Economics Research provides their update, province by province, of the Canadian housing market forecast for 2018.
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    RBC - Housing Market in Canada is not becoming unhinged

    RBC released their monthly housing market update entitled "Home resale activity finds its footing in August; price pressures continue to ease". Highlights of the report: · Canada’s housing market isn’t becoming unhinged. Data for August, in fact, provided hints that the ongoing correction may...