1. S

    Looking for commercial mortgage brokers

    We are looking at multifamily properties around $2.5M in Calgary, we have found a few that we are interested in writing an offer. But we do not have a mortgage broker. All our properties purchased since 2008 have been single-family units and so we never developed relationships with commercial...
  2. B

    Looking for Calgary based, commercial realtor

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy a small, 2-3 unit (5 unit max, with seller financing) industrial property in Calgary. Can anyone recommend a good realtor to help with the search, or does anyone have something they are looking to sell privately (ideally with make-up air unit in place)...
  3. DanielA

    Seeking US brokers & lenders

    Hi, I'm in search of some US brokers & private lenders that I can refer good leads to. Our company receives regular inquiries from borrowers in need of financing with the impression that we are a US based company. We have a few contacts with respect to rehabs, etc, but would like to have...