1. aaronmoore

    Cheapest Detached House in Hamilton $269,900

    Who's looking for a deal? This house has flip potential and rental potential. But it's a fixer upper. SUMMARY: - LOCATION: Hamilton, ON (Near Barton & Gage) - PURCHASE PRICE: $269,900 or best offer - AFTER REPAIR VALUE: It's hard to say with this area of Hamilton. I'll let the Hamilton experts...
  2. aaronmoore

    Easy Fix & Flip Opportunity. Light Reno.

    Who wants an easy and profitable flip for next spring market? Set yourself up now. How to profit? Buy for $409k, do a light reno, then sell in mid to high $500s. 1) Close fast using cash, lines of credit, or a private mortgage. 2) The seller is staying until Feb 2020. If you qualify, you can...
  3. aaronmoore

    $135,000 discount on condo townhouse - easy fix & flip opportunity

    Who's looking for a fix & flip opportunity? This is an easier one. It's a "well lived in" condo townhouse, but the condo takes care of the exterior, so your renos are limited. Buy for $515k, do a good renovation, then sell for around $650k. SUMMARY: - PURCHASE PRICE: $515,000 - LONG CLOSING...
  4. Marty Gordon

    Rebuilding a 160 year old Heritage Home in Guelph, Ontario

    Some of you have been watching the progress on this huge renovation project. Well it's been a few months since I posted an update but the property is nearly complete and it's REALLY starting the shine bright, so please.... Watch the latest: