jv agreement

  1. D

    Looking to share my profits

    Hi REIN members! My name is Danny Jeannot I am a bilingual real estate investor looking to share half of my deal with a money partner looking for a nice passive investment. I specialize in RTO (rent-to-own / lease options) deals in the Outaouais region in Quebec (Gatineau, across the Ottawa...
  2. Eric12830

    Multifamily in Edmonton! Looking for JV partners with cash.

    Looking for a partner or partners to invest $600K for a 50% stake in an Edmonton Multifamily building. Quick Details: 21 units 20 one bedroom units, 1 two bedroom unit Well managed building with low vacancy Near Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Near Light Rail Transit station Negotiated...
  3. Eric12830

    Looking for JV partners to provide cash to close on Edmonton Multifamily

    Good morning, We are looking for a maximum of 4 partners to invest a minimum of $300K each for a Joint Venture on a 21 unit Edmonton multi family building. Total raise of $1.2 million with a purchase price of $3.5 million. We have this building under contract and are closing soon. You will...