jv partner

  1. D

    Looking to share my profits

    Hi REIN members! My name is Danny Jeannot I am a bilingual real estate investor looking to share half of my deal with a money partner looking for a nice passive investment. I specialize in RTO (rent-to-own / lease options) deals in the Outaouais region in Quebec (Gatineau, across the Ottawa...
  2. Eric12830

    Multifamily in Edmonton! Looking for JV partners with cash.

    Looking for a partner or partners to invest $600K for a 50% stake in an Edmonton Multifamily building. Quick Details: 21 units 20 one bedroom units, 1 two bedroom unit Well managed building with low vacancy Near Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Near Light Rail Transit station...
  3. Giselle_12497

    Seeking JV Partner for RTO deal

    If you’re looking for a greater ROI and greater cash flow then RTO might be perfect for you. Benefits for You -Higher quality tenant -Higher quality home/neighbourhoods -Greater cashflow from premium rent payments -No responsibilities as a landlord (tenant takes care of property) -Investment...
  4. Eric12830

    Looking for JV partners to provide cash to close on Edmonton Multifamily

    Good morning, We are looking for a maximum of 4 partners to invest a minimum of $300K each for a Joint Venture on a 21 unit Edmonton multi family building. Total raise of $1.2 million with a purchase price of $3.5 million. We have this building under contract and are closing soon. You will...
  5. David Wilson

    Seeking Money JV partners, let me work so we both win.

    Hello fellow REIN members, I am presently seeking joint venture money partners. A lot of people are seeking partners... so why me. Well, I have a unique set of skills obtained as part of the financial services industry since 2002. As a branch manager of a sub-prime lending company I’ve...