1. macbwilson

    Landlord Reference -What you need to know and how to avoid a fake reference!

    Here is a timely video I just posted on youtube as we are now in peak rental season! If you found the content valuable please consider sharing and leaving a comment. Also if you check your landlord references differently please share your tactics! I'm kind of nerdy about this stuff if you...
  2. macbwilson

    Free Digital Signing during COVID19

    Another video of showing how to use digital signing and how you can get free electronic signatures to sign and renew leases while practicing social distancing. This video is a little more on the how-to side of things which is helpful if you're not very technical. Enjoy! MacKenzie
  3. Leigh_Anne10997

    Excellent Tenants Looking for Landlord

    I will be listing the home of senior seller clients that are looking to downsize and move into a bungalow property. They would rather rent than purchase - I think the thought of going through the process of selling scares them. They would be ideal tenants for someone - their current home is...