mortgage broker

  1. S

    Looking for commercial mortgage brokers

    We are looking at multifamily properties around $2.5M in Calgary, we have found a few that we are interested in writing an offer. But we do not have a mortgage broker. All our properties purchased since 2008 have been single-family units and so we never developed relationships with commercial...
  2. I

    BC - Lower Mainland - 5yr HOLD and sell - Money JV

    November 01 / 2021 Hi there... I am a contractor in Abbotsford whom has done countless projects with others in Kelowna, Vancouver, Langley, Victoria, Nanaimo, Toffino, and more. I have been fortunate to be involved with builds ranging from $150k - 12.5m (+land)... so I believe I have a fluid...
  3. D

    Recommendation for mortgage broker in Kingston, ON?

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a good mortgage broker in the Kingston area, please? Someone who does plenty of investment properties, but can also advise about lending for principal residence, which we don't have in Canada yet? Need to discuss best order to go in (can I buy an investment property...
  4. Mark Smith

    How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?

    How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?
  5. DanielA

    Seeking US brokers & lenders

    Hi, I'm in search of some US brokers & private lenders that I can refer good leads to. Our company receives regular inquiries from borrowers in need of financing with the impression that we are a US based company. We have a few contacts with respect to rehabs, etc, but would like to have...
  6. Ian A.


    Ever wonder how your mortgage rate is determined? What factors make it jump from percentage to percentage? I found an article that reveals 10 factors that affect a mortgage rate: 1. Location Depending on which province your home is located in, this will have an overall effect on your mortgage...