multi family

  1. PBelanger

    JV opportunity - Brand New Edmonton 6-plex - perfect niche between residential & commercial

    Hi REIN Members, We have an opening for an investor to join us and profit from this building! No mortgage qualification. Min. investment $30,000 BRAND NEW SUITED-TRIPLEX (total 6 units) in SW EDMONTON. Offering cash-flow and equity position. No mortgage qualification required! Before...
  2. Mandy Branham

    Buying only CHERRY Assets with Solid Cash Flow!

    NOW is the time to look forward and see the current opportunity for substantial gains in the future with Real Estate. NOW is the time to buy SOLID - CASH FLOWING ASSETS - and HOLD for the Long-term. NOW is the time to strap yourself to an expert JV Specialist! NOW is the time to be buying...
  3. CorySperle

    Exceptional Investment Opportunity - 62 Unit Apartment Building in Red Deer

    We have had a busy year buying in Alberta this year. Vacancies are going down and rents are rising, despite the recovering economy. We have purchased a total of 68 suites in Spruce Grove in Red Deer, and have just secured another amazing deal in Red Deer. This will be our 10th apartment...
  4. S

    MultiFamily home study course

    Can anyone give some feedback on the multifamily home study course offered by REIN? Is it a basic "this is what ROI means," "this is a cap rate," etc. or is there some good mid-level information on larger acquisitions over 50 units for someone looking to up their game?
  5. Eric12830

    Looking for JV partners to provide cash to close on Edmonton Multifamily

    Good morning, We are looking for a maximum of 4 partners to invest a minimum of $300K each for a Joint Venture on a 21 unit Edmonton multi family building. Total raise of $1.2 million with a purchase price of $3.5 million. We have this building under contract and are closing soon. You will...
  6. AndreiAngelkovski

    Looking For 6 Plex or Larger up to 2 Million - Barrie, Orillia, Guelph, and GTA

    Hello Fellow Investors, I'm looking to purchase a 6 plex or larger property in the following locations: GTA Guelph Barrie Orillia We have a budget of up to 2 million. Units need to be legal for financing reasons. We also need a DCR of at least 1.2. Please message me if you have anything or know...
  7. Edwin11561

    Needing a Joint Venture partner?

    Looking to invest up to 75K as a JV partner in a multi-family residential project in the BC Lower mainland area. I’m wanting to gain some experience in this dynamic area so would like to partner with a company or individual with some history. I can arrange the JVA with a great lawyer contact...