private lender

  1. aaronmoore

    Who wants to profit from my next flip? Under 6 months.

    Earn better than 8%. It's a house in Orillia. Value is over $300,000 with a clean up. Over $400,000 after a major interior reno (new kitchens, baths, flooring, etc). I'm looking for approximately $200,000 for a 1st mortgage loan. It's quite safe given the value of the property. Most people use...
  2. Edison12296

    Private Money Avg Rates

    Dear fellow investors, I've have been approached with a offer (and open to others) to lend my RRSP money (arms length mortgage) but that's not typically part of my investment strategy. I am not familiar with this strategy as our portfolio has been buy and hold. (Rentals) What would be a...
  3. DanielA

    Seeking US brokers & lenders

    Hi, I'm in search of some US brokers & private lenders that I can refer good leads to. Our company receives regular inquiries from borrowers in need of financing with the impression that we are a US based company. We have a few contacts with respect to rehabs, etc, but would like to have...