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  1. S

    Looking for commercial mortgage brokers

    We are looking at multifamily properties around $2.5M in Calgary, we have found a few that we are interested in writing an offer. But we do not have a mortgage broker. All our properties purchased since 2008 have been single-family units and so we never developed relationships with commercial...
  2. XavierCP

    Looking for real estate professionals in Montreal

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for Real Estate Professionals who understand real estate investments and ideally know the ACRE system. I would be grateful if you could share with me professional references in the greater Montreal for: Real estate agent, Mortgage brokers or banker Property manager...
  3. XavierCP

    How to get the information I need from Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Brokers without bothering them?

    Hi REIN members and followers, First, I analyzed few macro economics factors (average incomes, housing affordability index, in-migration and demand, transportation expansion etc.) and came to the conclusion that the city of Montreal is a good area to invest in real estate. Like taught in the...