rental property

  1. aaronmoore

    Huge Discount on Duplex by Eglinton LRT Station

    Who wants to buy in a hot neighbourhood at a big discount? Here's a well-maintained home that's move-in ready. You get profitable flip potential and rental potential. It's a short walk to the Caledonia LRT station that is under construction. Since COVID these detached houses are IN DEMAND as...
  2. aaronmoore

    Legal duplex - Turn Key Rental Property in Hamilton

    Who's looking for a turn-key rental property? This is a LEGAL duplex that's registered with the city. It's a well maintained 2.5 storey brick house and you are positioned well to increase rents. Smells like an opportunity! Take a look at the video below. SUMMARY: - LOCATION: 171 Balmoral Ave N...
  3. M

    Mortgage 25 or 30 years

    Hello, I just bought my first student rental property 6 months ago. I chose a 30 year mortgage because my payments were lower than with a 25 year mortgage. I've heard and read a lot of comments about how you should get a 25 year mortgage. I know I would pay less interest and more principal but...