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  1. 24244

    Family of three seeking immediate short-term rental, Calgary, north of the river, west of Deerfoot

    Hi all, Seeking an immediate short-term rental for three people - married couple with a 17-year-old daughter. They currently live in Renfrew, and have a dangerous downstairs tenant in their rental. CPS is involved but this tenant has forced them to evacuate. They are excellent tenants. They've...
  2. Amir Shahidi

    Kelowna Airbnb Property

    Copper Sky Resort | West Kelowna 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath ...... Starting from $329,000 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath ...... Starting from $408,000 Short Term Rentals Allowed (2 Bed/ 2 Bath currently rents for $400/night) View Virtual Tour: Unit #206 (Two Bedroom) Unit #212 (One Bedroom)
  3. G

    Converting rental back into primary residence

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following as its really hard to find the exact answer to the question as many people have varying different opinions. I have a property in Vancouver which used to be my primary residence between 2007 - 2012. After losing my job in Vancouver I...
  4. Leigh_Anne10997

    Excellent Tenants Looking for Landlord

    I will be listing the home of senior seller clients that are looking to downsize and move into a bungalow property. They would rather rent than purchase - I think the thought of going through the process of selling scares them. They would be ideal tenants for someone - their current home is...
  5. A

    Can insurance company enter into my house and check?

    I intend to rent part of my basement, but when talk to my insurance company, they said they won't insure me any more if I have boarders. Now I am wondering, would they come and check whether I have any boarder? Do they have the right to check? If they do, can I refuse to let them in if no notice...
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