1. Sherilynn

    Add creative investing strategies to your portfolio to dramatically increase your income!

    Greetings. Creative investing strategies such as agreements for sale, lease options (aka rent to own), assignments, flips, and joint ventures have been essential in building my real estate portfolio. Without them, I think I'd still be floundering with only 5 or 6 properties. Instead, I've...
  2. T

    RTO rent to own

    How to tell the good ones from the bad ones? Looking to get in to an RTO but having trouble finding a plan that would work for us Not wanting a long term agreement My understanding is some lenders are not accepting the monthly payments as down payment Want to make sure we can get get a mortgage...
  3. W

    Edmonton Agreement For Sale Assignment. 7 years! $5000

    Agreement for Sale Assignment Rutherford (Edmonton, AB) Note: With every assignment it includes FREE COACHING! You can email us as often as you like with any questions. AFS Details: Term – 7 years (July 27th 2025) Deposit – Zero Assignment Fee - $5000 Purchase Price - $260,000 approx...