Bridge Financing 1st Mortgages Available

Tim Blake

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Bridge Financing (Alberta only ) for flips or BRRR's
Funds available to lend on 1st Mortgages (my funds not a broker)
3-12 Month terms
12% Interest only (No lender fees or points)
75% Loan to Value
Very quick approval + funding especially once we have done more than 1 deal together. Ideally would like to fund multiple deals for you over time .
Must have track record of successful deals (please do not reach out if this is 1st or 2nd project )
These are my funds I am not a broker also a investor so make it as painless and quick as possible .

Please send deal details to get conversation started
Purchase Price:
Amount needed :
Closing date :
Address :
Breif Summary of project/ your investing track record