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Hilary Kohal

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Hi there

First off I must admit that I haven't taken enough time it takes to learn how to navigate around this website. I find myself going in a few circles looking for certain information. So I guess it isn't yet intuitive to me. There is a lot of information with a lot of different colours and margin settings - tabs, boxes with info etc that can make information retrieval daunting.

For example, when I need to find a REIN resource, I go to Resources and find affiliate or partner information. When I go to My Downloads I find your downloads. I wouldn't consider it my download unless I took that action. Also there are lots of other areas where one can download on the site so I find that term a bit misleading. Perhaps Downloadable Resources, or just Resources, or Forms; something along those lines.

I noticed that the Search function is no longer on the drop down menu on myReinspace; perhaps replaced with Browse? I think Search is a universal word term that would be handy. When I read a comment on Reinspace and it disappears I get frustrated. I might not want to make it a Favourite but wonder if I can prevent the conversations from disappearing to the bottom.

It is a little bothersome that we have to scroll to the top when loading our new REINspace messages. Is there a way for the forum to be formatted to open at the beginning of the conversation thread? Perhaps I am missing an update on my iPad.

Also and very important, from time to time someone mentions that they need a Cash Flow analyzer (fillable) form and then there is a flurry of "me too" messages. Is it possible to put a variety of these very important forms in one place for Members to pick and choose?

Also as I write this thread and I want to check on something elsewhere on the site, I have a hard time navigating back to my new thread and inevitably panic that I have lost it. I find it's a multi step process. Again, there is probably a shortcut, but something really obvious and intuitive would be awesome. It could be my iPad but if I try to change or edit something within the thread I am writing, again I don't find it straight forward.

I love sharing information that I find makes my life easier, perhaps we could have a Best Of category with several sub categories: Apps, cell phone plans, etc. or maybe just call it Sharing, since that's our new economy.

Respectfully yours,


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Hilary, thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback! I will forward your comments and suggestions.