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Interprovincial Investing Success Strategies Webinar - Feb 12th

Cory Sperle

REIN Member
Sep 1, 2010
Have you considered investing out of province? Have you watched others tread into markets far from home and hit home runs?

On February 12th Michael Ponte and I will discuss the AGONY and ECSTACY of investing in another Province. Michael Ponte is a long time interprovincial real estate investor who has won many REIN awards, and even bought and sold an apartment building in the Maritimes (he lives in BC) without ever setting foot in the property!

Cory Sperle has been investing interprovincially in Saskatchewan and Alberta for almost 2 decades and has the scars to show for it. Join us for this candid discussion on the PROS and CONS of this strategy.

A few points to mention:

The OPPORTUNITY - What is the potential reward for venturing to another province - is it worth the added risk?

The TRANSFORMAION - How will YOUR life change by implementing this strategy - Mike and I will share in detail.

OWNERSHIP - What do YOU need to do to achieve the same results as Mike and I? You must register and attend to find out! Spaces are limited so register NOW.

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