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The inspiration you need to optimize your portfolio in this market!

Cory Sperle

REIN Member
Sep 1, 2010
Do you ever feel like the real estate market shifts so rapidly that it’s difficult to pinpoint your next investment step?

Do you want to expand your portfolio and make more income but are afraid of making the wrong move?

Wouldn’t it be great to hear from seasoned investors who’ve been through all this before and have experience and insight into this type of market?

On Monday, September 11th, we’re hosting a free webinar, “Tips from Real Estate Investors Who Have Been Through it All,” featuring 6 real estate investment experts who’ve been at it since before the 2008 recession.

This is your opportunity to gain new ideas on how to optimize your portfolio and plan for the future. I’ll be presenting alongside these five experts:

Dalia Barsoum (Streetwise Mortgages)

Christian Szpilfogel (Chief Investment Officer at Aliferous Group)

James Knull (Mogul Realty Group)

Michael Ponte (Savvy Investor)

Elizabeth Kelly (Elizabeth Kelly Consulting)

Each speaker will share wisdom you’ve never heard before on topics such as:

> Adversity and transformation stories

> Key takeaways and lessons learned from years of investing

> How to position yourself to take action when the right opportunities arise

> How to restructure financing to free up cash flow

> Risk management and how to create systems to reduce risk

> How to optimize your current assets

> Tips for creating opportunities through partnerships

You’ll leave this free webinar feeling inspired and empowered to take action and find new opportunities!

Register here to save your seat for this exclusive information-packed session.

See you there!

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Cory Sperle
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