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QUOTE (WJW @ Oct 22 2009, 03:54 PM) Yes, I know its better to outsource this and I will be with, but i thought for those on a tight budget the link below explains a DIY way to reduce costs by more then half.

Here`s the link I found online while searching for a company to do my yellow letters that gives great tips on saving some start up money.


Yes this guy has figured it all out. I`m doing this at first until I get a bit of $ coming in from this....despite Ron`s warning. Remember, Ron is apparently computer illiterate so his impression of this type of work is low. In reality it takes 2 minutes to scan your Yellow letter, You setup the Word Mailmerge fields like this guys shows you how. Get you list and then print them.....So the printer is doing all the work! I`ve got a couple of printers.

Sourcing the paper is tough. He`s found pretty well the only online source for looseleaf. Despite what their website says, they will ship to Canada. Check out the comments section for the URL. I did find another guy, but he pretty well said he gets a printer to print the lines on yellow paper. Me.....I got a great deal on lined pads, bought a pile of it. Also have a "Stack Paper Cutter" to cut the gum edge off cleanly...300 sheets at a time to make my own loose leaf. I believe Staples will shear it for you for something like $1 cut...never investigated that.

No I`m not writting or stuffing envelopes!! I have someone lined up.

BTW this Justin character seems pretty sharp, but he`s re-iinvented so many wheels and seriously overthought almost everything it`s a sobering reminder....DON`T SCREW WITH THE SYSTEM! He seems to have built his own. His yellow letter is even "improved"...check out his lousy response rate in another blog. He is the perfect example of "Is This Really The Best Use Of My Time?" But he does have some good ideas.

hope this all helps.
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