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    Acquiring financing on disability

    A illness has recently put me on disablility. My doctors tell me I will be ready to go back to work in 6-9 months, I recieve a generous monthly check from my insurer and put mewell within my debt to service ratio for purchasing another property. With healthy investments on real estate in my area...
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    Canadian Richmom. Real Estate scam?

    I have fellow amateur real estate investors interested in doing a real estate course by Savannah Ross aka the canadian rich mom. Curious what people have heard of it? Whether it is worth it or not?
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    Port of Prince Rupert

    As a Novice Real Estate Investor I am always looking for indicators set to buoy the economy around the area that I live. Prince George especially. With all the recent turmoil happening in the states, the higher cost of goods and materials for export from Canada, I believe its a great opportunity...
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    Pine Beetle in BC

    Hello there Ive been a resident of Prince George for the last 13 years, and although Im new to the real estate investment game I believe the north has alot of potential for investors and home owners alike. My concern is the article REIN touched on in their last newsletter regarding the Pine...