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    Property Manager in Hamilton, ON

    Hello REINation, We and our colleagues have been using this PM company and very satisfied with their services. So, if you are looking for a good and reliable Property Manager in Hamilton, ON, we recommend this upcoming but with long years of experience company - Property2Property. They can be...
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    Appropriate Settlement for JV Partner Backing Out of Partnership

    Wow, that's huge! We'll definitely check on that with the lender and include in the calculation. Thanks a lot Thomas.
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    Appropriate Settlement for JV Partner Backing Out of Partnership

    Our JV partner indicated an intention to back out of partnership, and being the first, we are wondering what's the best settlement - seed money in the JV + 5%, 10%, etc? Though based on JV agreement, settlement would be based on net share (after considering share from refinancing, cash flows...
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    Property Managers in Waterloo-Kitchener

    Thank you Mat. Will forward their websites. Much appreciated.
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    Finally Changed Property Managers!

    In Hamilton, we learned from REIN investors that a bad ONE PM does not remit rent collection for months, issues untimely financial statements/accountability reports, fabricates stories to inflate expenses, etc. They eat small fish alive!!! The good news......they'd been fired early on before...
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    Property Managers in Waterloo-Kitchener

    Hi everyone, An associate is complaining for several months vacancy of their units and wondering if you can recommend good PM in the area. Thanks in advance.
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    Investment student looking for investors in Regina

    Be careful with opportunists and vultures. Good luck!!!
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    Referral for Realtor in Hamilton

    I heard from REIN members that there are lots of good realtors-investors out there. Some look nice but self-serving. So, be cautious.
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    When is the best time of the year to invest?

    I do agree...mostly good deals come during fall-winter season.
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    The Power of a Judgement Search

    A very informative post. Thanks for sharing.
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    rooming house

    Hello there, Though old I believe this post is still relevant. Question please: 1 - If the property is zoned as Rooming House and assuming the roomers intend to stay longer, can you legally put yearly leases? 2 - Supposing there are no leases in place, what sort of 'lease' document...