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    Do you want benefit from the fantastic returns possible in real estate?

    Do you want benefit from the fantastic returns possible in real estate?
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    Do you want 24% per year?

    Property Information Rents are significantly below market levels and there is a potential up side of $3.5 Million once rents are normalized. The property is strategically located in the commercial center of the North Shore. 1680 Tranquille Rd is two apartment buildings, with 30 one bed and 42...
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    Looking for deals in Kamloops?

    Looking for deals in Kamloops?
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    BC foreclosure expert needed

    Thanks for your insight Thomas :). Where do you find the time to respond to every little post?
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    BC foreclosure expert needed

    I should ad that seller already filed for bankruptcy and a trustee is involved. I just sold a fixed up property similar to this for $399K. This house has $270K owing, due to the state of disrepair it's currently worth $230K(my opinion, but I wouldn't pay more than $200K). Renos could exceed...
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    BC foreclosure expert needed

    Foreclosure expert in BC anyone? Ive fielded this question to my lawyer but would like another opinion. I've got a potential new purchase, it's a preforclosure and the owner had not been served documents yet, only a few demand letters. Question: can I swoop in and purchase without the banks...
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    If you're looking for a deal on a Kamloops townhouse, reach out. I've got an inside tip from my...

    If you're looking for a deal on a Kamloops townhouse, reach out. I've got an inside tip from my strata
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    Retiring at 40 Years of Age

    Congratulations! My last day is January 1. Retirement party is tonight. Although I know there are many years of hard work and head of me in real estate, I am so happy to know longer be shackled to shiftwork anymore. Thanks for sharing Nischal, I'm glad I'm not the only "crazy one" !
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    Roofer in Kelowna?

    Thanks Tina :)
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    Roofer in Kelowna?

    Anyone have a recommendation for residential roofing? I've got 1 to do. Sam
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    Cops for Kids needs you!

    Hello fellow REIN members, As a member for about five years, I now have 11 doors and collect almost $15,000/mo rental income. I am now on "pause" due to parental leave - my wife and I adopted two kids(8mo and 2yrs) six weeks ago :D. The reason for my post is to share a great opportunity to...
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    Question on unauthorized suite in BC

    1. Most insurance policies have general liability insurance. Ask your insurance broker. I use Park Insurance through REIN. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Will they win? Unless there are damages they can demonstrate they suffered because of something you did/ failed to do, they will not win...
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    Kamloops an awesome place for rental investment?

    Hi Joe White I am investing in Kamloops and am in the process of expanding my portfolio as well. It might be fun to talk shop. Checkout to see what I'm about. Sam 250.299.4285(text or you will get my call centre)
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    Cash on Cash Return

    What about "Cash on Cash Plus" as described in the REMA property analysis software, what does this signify? Is it the same as IRR? Thanks, Sam
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    Rental Property

    Hi, In my experience, the more doors you can have in your property the better. I live in a city where the vacany rate is very low and the city tolerates "non-conforming" ie illegal basement suites because of this fact, but remember you are at the mercy of your neighbors in such a situation...